Semi Cassette Garden Awnings are a middle ground between open and full cassette designs. These retractable awnings provide some protection from the elements by being partially enclosed, from above and usually from the sides too


The group of cassettes and semi cassette includes terrace and balcony awnings, which, thanks to their special structure, when folded, protect the fabric and arms in the cassette against the harmful effects of weather conditions. retractable canopy system suitable for Patio's Pubs, Restaurants, most Domestic solutions

Awning Adagio Garden Zone
It Is advised to use Shock sensor for motorized awnings. 

Awning FRAME ColoURS

All Awnings are Manual.  Want it motorized add Awning IO to Basket
Before order please download and  read the installation manual 
(You can find up there instructions on how to measure an awning and how to wire up the motor)