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Louvred Pergola 

Bioclimatic Pergola Ireland

Bioclimatic Pergola Ireland


Bioclimatic Louvred Pergola
Supply and Fit Service
mainland Ireland

The Bioclimatic Pergola is an automated louvred system that combines the high utility of a roof composed of moveable, autonomously controlled blades with the strength and longevity of a structure built of extruded aluminium and stainless steel. It is now ready for delivery in Ireland.

This creative roofed pergola is made to improve your outdoor living area by providing sun access that can be adjusted thanks to its Sunbreaker-style aluminium blades. With the convenience of use of a remote control, these blades may be adjusted to reduce sunlight exposure based on personal preferences and changing conditions. When the blades are closed, they create a waterproof roof that effectively shields your Irish patio from the elements.


Rainwater management is ensured by the design's ingeniously concealed system of integrated side gutters and outflows, which maintains the pergola's graceful aspect. The Bioclimatic Pergola can be purchased as a single module up to 4 m wide, or it can be extended into a multi-module structure for larger spaces. It is adaptable to a variety of building sizes and purposes. In addition to being offered in the standard colours of white, graphite, and anthracite, it can be specially coloured to match any type of outdoor design.

The Bioclimatic Pergola with a Roof delivered and fitted in Ireland is a magnificent addition to your home's comfort and style, designed for lifespan, adaptability, and elegance. It will ensure that your outside spaces are both stylish and practical.


Technical specifications of Bioclimatic Pergola

Maximum width

4.0 m

Beam height

212 mm + 130 mm blades opening

Maximum width

7.0 m

Water drainage system


Maximum height 

2.8 m

Electric drive


Pergola Mounting options

Free-standing Pergola  can be a fully independent, free-standing structure adapted to the size of the terrace, swimming pool or other space that requires proper protection from the sun. Such solution is often used in large gardens, where in addition to shading, it allows the separation of functional relaxation zones.

Free-standing Pergola 
Wall-mounted Pergola

Wall-mounted Pergola In this version the pergola is attached to the external wall with the use of intended angled brackets. As a wall-mounted version pergola becomes a natural extension of the living area and will not only serve as a cover for terrace, but will also allow you to shade the interior of the building.

PERGOLA SB400 is a functional and aesthetic construction set with fixed roof made of rotating blades, which protect against the sun and rain. System that is used in single module and in multi-module by connecting single modules


• Sun protection and surface shading. It is also rainproof. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS:

• Extruded aluminium construction with stainless steel elements

• Water drainage system integrated with the construction

• The lack of roof slope

• Rotation of the roof blades: electrically operated

• Possibility of using weather automation

• The movable module (roof) is rainproof. It also provides aesthetic water drainage system through integrated side gutters and posts

• It regulates the access of the sunlight according to users needs

• Protects against weather conditions: rain and wind

• It is not snowproof

• It does not emit toxic substances during the operational term

• The noise pollution due to eletro-mechanical drive is not considered as a significiant threat, but is rather a comfort matter

• The rotation of roof blades may be started by manual switch or remotely controlled

• Easy access to the motor

• Installation holes for wirings in the corners


• Maximum width of the module 4 m

• Maximum projection 7 m

• Maximum height in the light between floor and the beam 2.8 m

• Maximum height of the construction 3.01 m; mechanism of the blades rotation 3.14 m

• Free-standing or wall-mounted construction, single- or multi-module (constructed from single-modules) is made of extruded aluminium profiles and stainless-steel elements, equipped with water drainage system

• Slope angle 0 degrees

• Transverse slope of the blade ends 20 mm

• Intervals of roof blades 200 mm

• Blade rotation range: 0-90° (for Picolo motor) or 0-130° (for motor 24V)

• Wind load resistance class 6 (400 Pa ~41 kg/m2 )

• Maximum drainage capacity drains the rain at intensivity up to 0.05 l/s/m2 at maximum time of 5.3 minutes (depending on the configuration of water outflows)

• LED lighting with a neutral colour of 4500 K (in strips on the gutters) or 3300 K (light points in the blades) Drainage through gutters 92 mm wide (with optional angular overflows only in case of 4 gutters) and outflow to beams and posts as well as water outflow at the bottom of the posts

• Electric drive: linear motor ELERO Picolo XL (230V AC), or alternatively motor 24V

• Construction colours: 9016M, FSM71319, 7016M (standard) and RAL palette (optional)

• External usage

• Construction in accordance with PN-EN1090 and PN-EN13659

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Durable construction, reinforced joints

Thanks to the internal reinforcements of the pergola frame joints, the entire pergola structure gains stability and resistance to strong wind. The internal reinforcements of the supporting structure as well as the external elements of pergola are made of extruded aluminium, which guarantees durability and reliability of this type of solution.

pergola reinforced joints
Louvered Pergola mechanism


Functionality of Sunbreaker system

Louvred Pergola allows you to adjust the level of shading depending on your individual needs and external conditions. The remotely controlled movement of the blades guarantees easy operation. The blades in closed position also protect against rain. When using the ELERO Picolo XL motor the angle of rotation is 90° and in the case of the 24 DC motor, the angle of rotation is 120°.


Rainfall under control

Bioclimatic Pergola has a rainwater drainage system integrated with the supporting structure. Gutters and drainage pipes are completely invisible from the outside which maintain an elegant and clean form of the pergola.

pergola drainage


Modern design

A simple form of a pergola will perfectly emphasize the modern form of buildings, being an additional decorative element.


Every millimeter  counts

All  pergolas are made to a specific size which guarantees a perfect fit to the installation place. Construction and its elements is made on the most modern production line in Poland which, thanks to extremely precise processing, ensures the highest quality and aesthetic finish.


Enhance your outdoor space with our exceptional features.

Our pergolas are designed with internal reinforcements for added stability and resistance to strong winds. Made from durable extruded aluminium, our pergolas guarantee reliability and durability.


Custom Designs


Weather Resistant


Easy Installation


Versatile Usage


Expert Craftsmanship

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