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Bioclimatic Pergola 

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Bioclimatic Louvered Pergola - Supply and Fit Service

Technical specifications of Bioclimatic Pergola

Maximum width

4.0 m

Beam height

212 mm + 130 mm blades opening

Maximum width

7.0 m

Water drainage system


Maximum height 

2.8 m

Electric drive



Pergola Mounting options

Free-standing Pergola  can be a fully independent, free-standing structure adapted to the size of the terrace, swimming pool or other space that requires proper protection from the sun. Such solution is often used in large gardens, where in addition to shading, it allows the separation of functional relaxation zones.

freestanding pergola.PNG
Wall mounted pergola.PNG

Wall-mounted Pergola In this version the pergola is attached to the external wall with the use of intended angled brackets. As a wall-mounted version pergola becomes a natural extension of the living area and will not only serve as a cover for terrace, but will also allow you to shade the interior of the building.

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Durable construction, reinforced joints

Thanks to the internal reinforcements of the pergola frame joints, the entire pergola structure gains stability and resistance to strong wind. The internal reinforcements of the supporting structure as well as the external elements of pergola are made of extruded aluminium, which guarantees durability and reliability of this type of solution.

selt sb 400.JPG
selt sb 400 3.JPG


Functionality of Sunbreaker system

Louvered Pergola allows you to adjust the level of shading depending on your individual needs and external conditions. The remotely controlled movement of the blades guarantees easy operation. The blades in closed position also protect against rain. When using the ELERO Picolo XL motor the angle of rotation is 90° and in the case of the 24 DC motor, the angle of rotation is 120°.


Rainfall under control

Bioclimatic Pergola has a rainwater drainage system integrated with the supporting structure. Gutters and drainage pipes are completely invisible from the outside which maintain an elegant and clean form of the pergola.

selt sb 400 2.JPG


Modern design

A simple form of a pergola will perfectly emphasize the modern form of buildings, being an additional decorative element.


Every millimeter  counts

All  pergolas are made to a specific size which guarantees a perfect fit to the installation place. Construction and its elements is made on the most modern production line in Poland which, thanks to extremely precise processing, ensures the highest quality and aesthetic finish.

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Enhance your outdoor space with our exceptional features. Our pergolas are designed with internal reinforcements for added stability and resistance to strong winds. Made from durable extruded aluminium, our pergolas guarantee reliability and durability.


Custom Designs


Weather Resistant


Easy Installation


Versatile Usage


Expert Craftsmanship

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