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How does wind automation work for sunshade systems?

Updated: Mar 11

wind automation for sunshade systems

Wind automation for sunshade systems and wind sensors are an optional, but nevertheless recommended, accessory for sunshade systems. They provide maximum comfort - in the case of strong winds, the system is automatically closed and because of this it is not exposed to the bad weather, preventing damage. When the wind alarm value is exceeded, the standard set automation triggers the closing movement immediately (up to 3 sec.), protecting the system from the effects of the wind. The wind alarm blocks the manual and automatic opening of the system until the wind speed remains below the alarm value for 10 minutes. The most commonly used wind sensors in awnings are shock sensors, and in other systems the popular 'windmills', which also come in a version with an integrated sun sensor. Priority is always given to the wind alarm - when it is triggered, other functions are temporarily blocked. If a wind sensor is installed, the automation only leads to the closing of the system. If a sun sensor is used at the same time, an opening/closing movement is triggered when the wind stops (10 minutes below the alarm value) and the light intensity exceeds the threshold value for 2 minutes.

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